Community norms

What they are.

  1. The Unbound Voices Podcast is about the values of love, peace, happiness, and respect.
  2. We believe that we should want for others that which we want for ourselves.
  3. We believe that every individual has everything they need to decide how to develop these values for themselves and whether they wish to think, feel, take action and serve their fellow human being.
  4. A decision to join us at Unbound Voices must come from the heart.
  5. We do not promote any ideology, philosophy or belief system and do not wish for any member or individual to do so, on our behalf.
  6. All literature including the How would that make you feel? book series is designed to provoke and challenge women and men to find out what they think about the issues and to decide or design their own path and philosophy for themselves, or not.
  7. Our focus is on supporting the transformation of our world by transforming ourselves.
  8. Our vision is to do this by providing opportunities for anyone who is interested in our journey to discover for themselves why they are here and what they can do to contribute to a world of peace, love, happiness, and respect for one and all.
  9. Where an individual, organisation or group chooses to act on our behalf, in a manner that does not support or reflect our values, we will transparently take the necessary steps, respectfully, to ensure that they cease from doing so.
  10. We have no particular route to happiness and will, therefore, work intuitively and closely with members of our community to design the world we wish to live in, individually and together. We are also very keen to have as much fun doing so.