The Content

Taboo Talk – is a deep dive into a subject of social and/or philosophical interest and importance that usually causes people to take sides, fight and argue. The topics revolve around the idea of the duality trap, that tends to keep people thinking in extreme opposite about their life experiences instead of the relativity of life experiences.

Tapas Thoughts – is a stream of conscious thought about a theme in short punchy and punctuated thoughts through poetry, citations from history, journaling and questions and answers.

Author’s TAKE – is a monthly review of a chapter from the How would that make you feel? (HWTMYF) book series that has been randomly selected for discussion by one of the author’s sons, from each book in the series. The idea is to revisit her reasons for writing it, to reflect on what it means for her today, and ruminate on their honest feedback on the chapter. She ends with what she hopes the reader also takes from it.

Essays in Voice: is a series of essays designed to address a challenging issue that requires intellectual and historical analysis. Essays in Voice launches with The Black Madonna series.  

Soul Talk – is a quarterly 3-hour Live stream for members of the channel’s Patreon community. It is a no-holds barred questions and answers conversation with the audience on the past, present and future. Questions for answers will be drawn from questions submitted via this web site, the channel’s YouTube, Patreon & Twitter platforms.